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Monday, January 23, 2017

Don't drink the champagne-flavored Kool-aid!

Don’t drink the champagne-flavored Kool-aid.

Once you’ve been lied to, on purpose that is, it's kind of hard to believe a liar going forward. That is what journalists in the new TrumpNation have to deal with while trying to report reality to the citizens of the world. 

Maybe if you could travel to Colorado where it's legal to smoke weed you could level your head and heart, but after you come down, what then?

Fact is, when you don’t know why the wind is blowing from the South and affecting the North, it’s hard keeping your sanity. When you’re being told it’s dark outside in the middle of the day and are told to make decisions based on alternative facts, you become a little crazy, right? 

Don’t drink the champagne-flavored Kool-Aid or accept the Tiffany-wrapped box.

Throw away Tiffany-colored-papered gifts from those who have previously insulted you.
Reality, like beauty, is now in the purview of those with agendas, and the public may be easily fooled. That’s why we count on the media to record, comment, and question. That’s all we can do.  You must decide your own reality.

After talking to my sister-in-law tonight, someone who is always positive, she convinced me that anything can happen under the new Trump Administration, but we must stay sane and prayed up. What more can we do???

Don’t drink the champagne-flavored Kool-Aid.

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