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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

No more blogging for a while...

Goodbye for now.
Dear Readers,

Since I began blogging 563 posts ago, I have received a lot of kudos for my efforts but no real monetary benefit from my hard work. I have even been informed that some of my remarks may have kept me from getting a full time job, and the government may be monitoring my posts.

Today I have decided to take a hiatus from blogging, but since my views in previous posts have already been documented, I will leave my blog up for historical purposes.

I hope that I have informed you on some matters and highlighted some accomplishments that you may not have known about, since most "news" is controlled by major news agencies at the discretion of assignment editors.

Thanks for your support. Now, on to my book writing...will get back to you later.



  1. One reader writes: You should be able to do whatever you want. Don’t let others decide what you do.

  2. George C says: Good luck Tomi! Wishing you all the best!

  3. Doug X says: Well Tomi,
    If that is truly your decision, then so be it. I feel your freedom of speech has been compromised...I do so enjoy your blog and leaving it up for posterity is OK. Write the book and let that be the reason for not blogging!!
    Peace and Love

  4. T says: Tomi,
    If you want to stop blogging because it is hindering your ability to get a job I quite understand. That is one thing which comes under the heading of self preservation. If you want to stop blogging because of your book writing, that is a second thing which is also quite understandable, and comes under the heading of time availability. If this is due to outside pressure based on your content, that is quite yet another. Think of all of your predecessors who have written, spoken, been oscratized and died for their content.
    Now you do what you think is right for you.

    1. Father says:
      Sorry to see you stop blogging, but if this will help with your book-writing, maybe it is for the best.
      Warm wishes and many blessings.

  5. Take your time to reflect. If you find work in 3-6 months, it doesn't mean that it's because of not posting a blog. If you don't find work then the point is moot. The thing is, there is so much out there published in one form or another that we have yet to discover. When we do discover it, it could be something YOU wrote! We may not live forever on earth, but if you think of people who have written works, their words never die.

  6. Mary says: I'm ok with your decision. You joy is writing. I’m gonna see just how long you can stay away from doing so. I'm proud of you. Your blog is excellent. TTYL

  7. Sadly, 1984's (Orwell) "thought police" have managed to escape from their paperback and hard-cover prisons and indwell silently amongst us with nefarious intent wrapped in patriotism. Tomi, allow God to guide your thoughts and your pen, allow HIS will to be done. That is always the correct choice! Peace, Blessings and Much Love to you and the Family!

  8. M says: I will miss your blog. It is a shame that in this free country the value of free speech is diminishing.

  9. Ernest said: Tomi,
    You will be greatly missed until you decide to return. You must follow your heart. It's your call. You have a wonderful blog. Many people wish they had your talent for writing. A talent you possessed as far back as our elementary school days at St. Joseph's Mission School in Huntsville, Al. You have a flair for telling it like it is. That's what keeps the readers from around the world interested and reading your blog. I'll support you no matter what you decide.
    Your friend/Former classmate
    Earnest Smith

  10. Will says: Thanks for letting me know, Tomi. I say go on with your book writing! You can blog later.

    I for one enjoyed your blogs. They were insightful and put the spotlight on areas that others may have found uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, the truth is the truth.
    Be blessed.

  11. VJ says: That is a very nice pic of you on the blog. If blogging is not bringing any monetary benefit, then that would be the major factor for me.

  12. Clarence says: Truly enjoyed reading your blog…albeit for a short period of time. These decisions are generally personal so I will not say one way or the other. However, my sensing is that you will continue to pursue social justice issues in a way that satisfies your desire to help others. Whatever that may be, I wish you all the best.

  13. G says: I have read stories where employers are now checking out prospective employees' social media accounts _ ie Facebook, blogs, etc.
    To me, your blogs are interesting, well balanced and well written. And I agree with your points of view.
    But perhaps an employer could look at them differently. It's a sad commentary of our times, but it's a fact that some, if not many, employers are paying attention to what we have to say and write on our own time.


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