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Friday, November 18, 2011

Kroger's Lucia tours Atlanta division stores

Right as I was doing my weekly shopping at Kroger in Marietta off Shallowford Road, in walked Atlanta Division President Bruce A. Lucia and his entourage. Lucia is touring stores and meeting customers and associates this week, making sure stores are ready for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Lucia posed for a picture and gave me a $3 coupon! How lucky is that! "Here's a coupon just for taking a picture with me," he said.

Lucia joined Kroger in 1975 as a clerk in Atlanta. Before coming back to Atlanta in 2000 as division president, Lucia served as president of Kroger's Columbus (OH) division which operates 108 Kroger stores in Ohio and West Virginia. Kroger's Atlanta division operates 164 stores in Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama.

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Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger is the nation's largest retail grocery chain. It prides itself on weekly specials, manager's specials, and customer points used for fuel savings.

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Rodney Lanham is the manager of the Shallowford Road Kroger. In a town hall meeting last week, it was reported that Kroger will add five fuel pumps soon at the corner of Shallowford and Sandy Plains.

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  1. Catherine N. MorseOctober 28, 2012 at 8:10 PM

    I am a former employee of Kroger store 505. September 24th Monday is the day I had to leave. I was mailed one check for 27 days of vacation, I still haven't recieved 3 days of my personal leave. I am still not employed and need my pay, I am raising my little 5 year old. Mr Lucia can you please talk to Roseanna about this check. Iv'e been a good employee and need my money. I will greatly miss my Kroger family.
    Catherine N. Morse, 256-722-1049 (Kroger 505)

  2. Thanks for your comments. I have forwarded your concerns to Mr. Lucia, Human Resources, and the PR dept. Hope you get this matter resolved soon.

  3. I wonder how Bruce lucia sleep well @ night knowing his employees can't afford 2 buy food,& live pay check 2 pay check 7.25 hr bullshit nickle raise bullshit u come around visiting stores and most all employees can't stand u.most kroger employees have 2 get food stamps 2 eat,shame on kroger.god will b ur ultimate judge.

    1. You're ridiculous. You must have been an employee at some time that does the bare minimum and wants everything just handed to them. Mr Lucia is an AMAZING man and President. He cares for every Kroger employee.

  4. Kroger has not upgraded in Atlanta.Competition has eroded the store count in metro Atlanta.


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