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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Donald Trump's omnipotence complex tied to white male supremacy ideology

Do Trump's supporters think he is Superman? (Photo by Tomi Johnson)
I am of the opinion that Donald Trump has a Superman, omnipotence complex, better known as ubermensch. I'm not talking about DC Comics "Superman" who was a member of the Justice League made up of good characters. I'm referring to a concept of aristocracy and superiority developed by Nietzsche, Gobineau, and Hitler.

From his remarks and actions, Trump says he possesses a super intellect that allows him to be exempt from paying federal taxes, objectify women, kill anybody on the street with impunity, run for the highest political office without any prior government leadership experience, make foreign governments pay for our infrastructures, deny people's constitutional rights to freedom of religion, and claim present leaders are not citizens.

As a GOP Superman and defender of white male supremacy, Trump has elevated himself above moral principles and laws which bind unimportant, average people. Trump believes and his followers attest that he is exempt from ordinary rules that govern ordinary folks like you and me. Additionally,  he deals with the entertaining and sensational to garner attention. 

Trump's kingly manner denigrates blacks - saying they have no jobs, no schools, no choices, and no purpose - and, therefore, are not civilized. He deems Mexicans unqualified murders and drug addicts, and he claims women as pawns in his sexual fantasies.

Trump claims that, "We speak English here," meaning it's not proper to be a polyglot and be able to communicate with people other than yourself.

Is Donald a genius, a king, a God, a socialist, or a fraud?

Is he set up to set out the GOP? Is this all a charade to fool us at the ballot box?

Trump epitomizes the artistic tyrant whose last name, Drumpf (German) changed to Trump in 17th century, could have been a slight of hand trick to make his family appear better than, more powerful than others. Trump tends to think he is omnipotent, all powerful with no faults that can't be apologized away.

Even God limited Himself not to send a flood to destroy the world after Noah's Ark. If Trump becomes President, he'll be aboard a sinking ship while he watches us drown, even if we can swim. Enough said!

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