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Monday, July 15, 2013

Lexicon of black woes increasing; win-win scenario needed

We'll all need new street clothes if violence continues.
(Photo by Ayron Johnson, costume by Daniel Johnson)
When my lawyer friend asked me last night what I was going to write about in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin's killer, George Zimmerman, my first response was, "There's nothing else to be said and nothing else can be done. Trayvon's time for reincarnation has passed. Even a civil suit will gain nothing since Zimmerman has no assets. Rioting will only put more of us in the morgue."

It appears MLK's character dream has been trampled in the mud underneath Trayvon's body. Some are predicting a race war on the horizon, but not the one foreseen with whites fighting blacks....this one could be browns fighting browns. Didn't Hispanic George Zimmerman kill Black Trayvon Martin?

We can't just point the finger at others, especially when we are killing ourselves. According to Ebony Magazine, Chicago's Southside  is becoming a killing ground for black on black crime. (Chicago is President Barack Obama's hometown.) Other major cities - Washington, D.C., Detroit, etc. - are in the same shape.

People of color are facing a StarTrek-like Kobayashi Maru, a no-win situation, also called a "lose-lose" situation. We have freedom to choose what to do next, but no reaction will lead to a net gain if we play the game as before.

The solution involves redefining the problem and having the balls to carry out an action plan.

1.  Human life is not prized or valued as it should be, and man has not evolved from his Cain/Able mentality. People are jealous of others and will take a life easily, using the justice system as a crutch. In Zimmerman's case, he killed Trayvon because he was walking in HIS neighborhood. Trayvon  insulted Zimmerman's manhood when faced with fist fight justice. Trayvon was eliminated with one bullet to the heart with no chance of survival. 

2. Genocide is occurring, whether we want to admit it or not. Powers see a need to decrease the population. Abortion, murder, same sex marriage,  are the result of this agenda. 

3. Education denied leads to poverty and death. Trayvon was suspended from school when he was killed. If not for that, he would have been in Miami, not Sanford. As interest rates on college loans double, where will youth who can't afford higher education be? How will they find jobs? How will they pay back non-bankruptible loans?

4. No hope, no future. No faith, no God. Black people have been worshipping preachers and being entertained in church instead of organizing for war and protecting youth. Too many entertainers and basketball players making too much money and not solving problems. Too many youth not getting involved in the political process because they are too busy playing video games and downing liquor shots until daybreak.

What we need to do is work on this race problem from a project management perspective, iteration by iteration. Make it a test students take in school from age five; how to save ourselves!

We need to engage the most advanced  project managers for this task and have it supported by the government, financial and educational institutions, and the religious community.

We need to put a monetary benefit on this project. It needs to be solved and can be solved by 2014. If we can send a man to the moon in the '60's, bail out the banks, and catch Osama bin Laden, we can solve these 21st century human problems before a race war begins, but only if a monetary imperative and win-win scenario evolves. It's all where you place your priorities. You get done what you want.

Stop F******* with the volume. Turn it up!


  1. TC says: If not now, then when will we demand to be first class citizens? Let us not let Trayvon down!!! It maybe your child or grandchild next wake up and let’s move Black Americans!!!

  2. Clarence says: Thank you for your continuing efforts to give a voice to those who don’t have one. I have attached a link to an interview between Bill Moyers and Khalil- Muhammad. I believe the interview aired over a year ago. If you have not seen it already, you may find it insightful given the most recent court ruling in Florida.

  3. Sorry, the human race war has already begun.

  4. Doug X says:
    Tonight I felt the need to express my thoughts on the Zimmerman case. It surprises me that anyone could have thought the verdict would go any differently. In a State where a white mother can murder her own child and be acquitted, surely a nearly white man can murder an innocent unarmed black teenager and not be convicted. It, to me, is simply par for the course in the Sunshine State. That, dear friends is nothing new. This nation was founded on the exploitation and murder of people of color. From the point when the conquistadors landed their tiny ships on these shores, people of color have been decimated. Whole nations have gone the way of the Dodo bird. It seems that somewhere in the minds of some people the world would be a better place without people of color.

  5. Doug X says: Unfortunately for those people, people of color make up approximately 90% of the global population. That would be a lot of murder, then again it seems the plan is in the works for just that, a lot of murder. The US and it's allies have been waging war on people of color since the 1950's. Korea, Viet Nam, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Columbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Somalia, Haiti and yes, even at home. So I see Trayvon Martin as a casualty of war. The rules for an undeclared war are not clear, the Geneva Convention does not apply. That was the strategy in Viet Nam where millions of innocent women and children were murdered in cold blood by teenagers from the US, just doing their jobs. I honestly believe the obviously feeble minded George Zimmerman, felt he was just doing his job. As a neighborhood watch participant, I'm sure he felt it was his appointed duty to make sure the suspicious looking black man in his exclusive, gated community did not belong there. Zimmerman had to have courage to actually face what he obviously feared and that courage came in the form of a Kel-Tec PF -9 9mm pistol. I'm sure Trayvon Martin was a menacing figure , there in the dark, all 5"11" 158 lbs. of him. Then again the killer is shorter, 5' 7" 185 lbs. and obviously not in good enough physical condition to manage what he probably believed was his appointed duty. Again nothing new, he was out manned by a child and resorted to deadly force to protect his life. It is still not clear if there was even an altercation. The witnesses are mixed on that point and one even said Zimmerman walked away after the shooting with no blood on him at all. We won't really know what happened because now there's only one side to the story. It is obvious that Zimmerman was out to get someone that fateful evening in February and get someone he did.

  6. Doug X says: What on earth could a grown man think to make him chase down a person he was advised not to confront? He was told not to follow, he followed; he was told to wait for the Sanford police, he didn't. All these factors played no apparent role in the decision of his peers. He was tried and acquitted by a jury of his peers in Sanford, Florida, nothing new there. The justice system in Florida has not had such a stellar reputation for some of the decisions that have found their way to the national news in recent years. Maybe Zimmerman knew beforehand nothing would come of his actions because of his father, Retired Magistrate Judge Robert J. Zimmerman. Maybe his peers knew better than to convict him, because of his father. I have no idea if any of this is plausible. I do know that Trayvon Martin's parents lost their son. As many parents before have as well, the pages of American History is stained with the blood of young promising men of color. Any African American male who reaches 40 years of age is special and regardless of his station in this society he is to be lauded. It is, has been and will always be... Open season on people of color in America, that's nothing new.

    So as not to end on a negative note, I suggest we love our children to the best of our ability, give them the guidance and protection they deserve. I suggest we find truth and show it to our children. I also suggest we look deep within ourselves and know that despite what America throws at us we cannot be eliminate from this country or this planet. We are the people of the Earth and this is our domain. We have shared it with all who have tried to claim it for themselves and eradicate all others. We have suffered injustice before and will again. we are resilient, strong, caring, kind, intelligent, beautiful people. We are the heart and soul of the planet and when we decide to reclaim our rightful place, the planet will be healed. In that time I pray there will be no more Trayvon Martin scenarios to contend with.


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