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Monday, January 16, 2017

Father Pfleger indicts clergy, politicians for selling out America's poor

Fox 5 News carried live coverage of MLK celebration
Father Michael Pfleger of the Faith Community of Saint Sabina Church in Chicago was the guest speaker at the MLK Celebration held at Ebenezer Church in downtown Atlanta today. The celebration, which lasted four hours, focused less on Dr. King's legacy of non-violence and more on what we need to do to keep his dream of a beloved community alive.

Pfleger began his remarks by saying, "Shame on you, Mr. Trump," for disrespecting Civil Rights Icon John Lewis (D., Georgia) who represents District 5. "And to do that on MLK's birthday celebration weekend!"  While Pfleger was giving his speech, Martin Luther King, III was meeting with Trump in his New York Plaza Hotel.

The theme of the celebration was "Remember! Celebrate! Act!" In his remarks, Pfleger categorized America as a sick patient in intensive care that can be saved only by citizens becoming peacemakers. He said that we are living in severe, dangerous times, and families are in waiting rooms of fear. "Do you want to get well, America?" he asked the audience. In order to do that, Pfleger said we must stop misappropriating funds for missiles and drones and wage a war on poverty. He said preachers must stop running churches like Fortune 500 companies and dismantle the systems which are killing our children.

"I asked a six year old girl in Chicago what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she said, 'Alive.' Racism is in our blood...we need a blood transfusion," he said. "We must not just take down the Confederate flag but also take down the spirit behind the Confederate flag."

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