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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Federal jobs frozen by Trump after advisors sworn in

Members of Congress can't do anything when it comes to filling jobs in the Executive Branch.
According to the official US Government Jobs website (, there are 18,915 advertised federal jobs in the US to be filled and another 3,491 worldwide.

Trump's Presidential Memorandum issued yesterday to freeze hiring, however, is said to concentrate on the Executive Branch, which can be viewed at , but is defined differently on Wikipedia. ( ). Trump put a freeze on hiring one day after his own senior staff members were sworn in. 

The freeze is for 90 days and will ultimately be replaced by a long-term workforce reduction plan. Military, public safety personnel, and public healthcare jobs are not affected.

Although Pres. Trump said he was going to help more folks find work as one of his campaign promises, he has now limited jobs to be filled in the federal government. Also, Trump has been meeting with business leaders who want to build more cars, and he hopes to employ more people by building a pipeline which has been protested by Native Americans and environmentalists.

The government's JOBS website lists the most urgent jobs to be filled include those in Mathematics, Engineering, Human Resources, Business/Industry, Social Services, Medical/Dental/Public Health/ Science, and Technology.

We wish President Trump and his staff much success in improving employment figures in jobs that will benefit all Americans.

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