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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama moves forward towards second term

Get ready for Obama's 2012 dance.
I usually don't like making political predictions, but after watching last night's Presidential debate, I think Mitt Romney's political life is toast.

"Mitt didn't address women's concerns," said Thomas Carter who called me after a debate focused on foreign policy. "He agreed with most of what Obama said."  This was on a football night when many men were focused on the gridiron and women were watching Obama and Romney duke it out with words and ideas onstage. Carter, a political enthusiast, said he watched the debate but taped the game.

How do I rate Obama's chances to win a second term?

#1 -  Foreign policy experience - Romney has none as commander-in-chief.
#2 -  Over the last four years, Romney has been talking about bygone days when he was a CEO but has done nothing to help the American people.
#3 - Romney is a whiner and complainer while Obama is a leader.
#4 - Romney is too old school to become a forward mover.
#5 - Anne Romney is ill and cannot fully support her husband's campaign. Michelle is Barack's greatest asset.
#6 - Although some don't like a black man being President, they can't picture a Mormon in the White House.
#7 - Except for one indicator (the deficit), things are looking up (jobs, gas prices, trade, etc.)
#8 - Obama is upbeat, inspirational, and charismatic.
#9 - Obama is a savvy politician and consummate intellectual. (Can't touch that!)
#10 - No time to change directions now.

My prediction:

Romney will probably garner fewer votes than McCain did in 2008. Mitt has less than 300,000 Mormons praying for him and 1% of Americans (the rich) backing him. Barack has the following voters in his corner: women, seniors, gays, African Americans, immigrants, labor union members, entertainers, the military, teachers, non-rich Americans.

Do the math.

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  1. Sharon said: Listen to the Ballentine show - playing on one of the ATL am stations. He's on now. Very informative.

  2. George said: I agree Tomi...not sure what his strategy was in the first debate, but I think it's game on now!!


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