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Friday, August 31, 2012

Dragon*con brings fantasy, art, and anxiety to Atlanta

Weapon utility belt designed by Johnson
There's a lull inbetween political conventions, just enough time to have an outrageous experience at a creatively scary event in the South before the Halloween costumes are out. These are professional costumes on display made by dedicated fantasy lovers - cosplay at its finest!

Yes. They've worked on their science fiction characters for months, and now it's time to unleash magic and other supernatural powers at Dragon*con where it is believed some 50,000 - 80,000 people will parade in and around downtown Atlanta's Marriott Hotel this weekend.
Johnson's costume inspiration came from Sega.
Prepare to be wowed!

Johnson's weapon could plague security.
"Designing and constructing my character and outfit took weeks," said a weary Daniel Johnson, a 2010 art graduate of Kennesaw State University who has been attending Dragon*con for a decade. The event started in 1987.

"One important thing in doing costuming is the art of patience," Johnson said who has won several awards in graphic design. On this project, he managed a team of workers, including his parents, siblings and friends, who helped him complete this year's anime costume down to minute detailing. Stress management is a key to success on such projects.

It's late Friday night, and he's almost finished cutting, molding, painting, and velcroing. All that is left is the parade and the fanfare.

Many participants are expecting to meet parking, security, temperature, and costume discomfort challenges upon arrival.  But this event only happens once a year and is more fun than October 31 for those who can buy a ticket or just parade around the hotel lobby for free. Dragon*con ends Monday.

Johnson fully suited up on the backstreets of Atlanta (Photo by Ayron Johnson)
Check out Daniel's complex FLASH website at:

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  1. Lionel and Will said: Way to go, Daniel!!!

  2. Gwen said: All the best to Daniel. Sounds like fun.

  3. George C. said: Way to go, Daniell!!!

  4. Jimmi said: Thanks for the 'spot' on Daniel. He is very talented!

  5. Gary said: Tell Daniel I need that costume, size 44.

  6. Nice work Daniel! Another proud moment for the Johnson family! Donte

  7. Helga said: Am so envious. Gotta check it out nextyear. Congrats Daniel, you look great!

  8. Denise Jones said: I am so proud of Daniel. He is so talented.

  9. Martin said: Daniel is one creative person. He and his costume would be a big hit at the annual Burning Man counterculture festival on the northern Nevada desert. People come up with incredibly creative costumes to wear at it.

  10. Nice look!It is a right choice for do something different.

  11. J. Buckner said: That's pretty cool!! Add some headgear and law enforcement equipment vendors will be knocking his door down :-)


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