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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gutsy Obama speaks to world about plans for ISIL

Obama has been trying to negotiate from the White House and in Europe with U.S. Allies.. (official White House photo)
President Barack Obama gave an emboldened speech to the world tonight in front of a window lit up by helicopter lights, a view that put me on edge because of the stage. His speech fueled fears that something evil would come through the White House drapes. Thank God nothing bad happened.

This is the fear of terror we live in 13 years after an horrific homeland attack.

So much so was my fear that the worst would happen that I didn't concentrate on Obama's words.

One thing that came through was his idealism and resolve to live up to his responsibility of protecting citizens at home and friends in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen. This is happening while protesters are being arrested for trying to close Interstate 70 in Missouri, U.S.A..

At the end, we should still remember 911 and continue to investigate what really happened, an event that resulted in the death of 3,000 plus innocents, the advent of two wars and an economic collapse.

May God help us and have mercy on our attempts to control the world.

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