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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sirleaf, Ebola, and corruption in Liberia

Will Ellen Johnson Sirleaf save Liberia?
Once again, the United States is receiving calls for aid and assistance from a country spiraling out of control - Liberia.

News sources, including Reuters, are reporting that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has fired almost a dozen high government officials for refusing to reenter Liberia since the recent Ebola epidemic has been deemed "out of control" by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Possibly the thing Liberia needs most is a functioning health care system, including doctors, facilities, vaccines, and education.

The next thing is an anti-corruption campaign. According to former Liberian Auditor General Robert L. Kilby, who was also fired by Sirleaf, the present government still is corrupt and nepotism-laced. Kilby said that contrary to other reports, Liberia's illiteracy rate is 90%.

In a recent book, Kilby states that Sirleaf brought up graft charges against him when he didn't sell his firm, ISCI, to Sirleaf's relative. Kilby published a book to help clear his name.

To learn more, read the book which can be ordered online:

(Photos by Kurk D. Johnson)

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