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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What we're learning about South Carolina

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Tranquil South Carolina before the 2015 flooding tears hit
My maternal great grandparents were from Rock Hill, S.C., so I've always wanted to visit that town but haven't had the opportunity. But now, after much violence being reported and the state being hit with major flooding, I may never visit Rock Hill. Just left South Carolina in August, visited Hilton Head's Harbour Island where I had a terrible dinner at the Crab Shack. My last memory of S.C. is watching an alligator swimming in the resort pond.

What's up with S.C.? As an African American, has it replaced Mississippi as the state I never want to be caught living in?

If you know American History, South Carolina was a major slave state with the black population outnumbering the white population at some point which is probably why white supremacy/racism abounds there - a means of power and control. Even though they've removed the 'ole Confederate Battle Flag from state grounds after Dylann Roof went into a black church bible study and murdered nine people, now comes the fact that cellphones have documented a black man being shot in the back and a 16-year old female student being violently removed from her desk.

Then there's the rain and flooding that continue to impact the state, making it a wasteland.  It could be a beautiful place, but tears are falling there. May God have mercy on its residents.

Do not use without permission.
South Carolina is a beautiful place with painful memories. (Honey Hill Plantation, Hilton Head Island, S. C.)
To read more news on what's happening in S.C., go to:

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