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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

NYPD pays Eric Garner estate $5.9M but not liable for his death

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In my opinion...

After reading that Eric Garner's family and the NYPD reached a multi-million dollar settlement, I was at first happy, then I got to really thinking about this thing...

OK. You have your group of powerful men with badges and guns grab another unarmed man and stop his breathing. It's caught on video tape. World citizens protest. Lawyers reach a deal with the man's family to pay for the homicide, but you don't claim responsibility.

Is this justice?

Philosophically, I say no. Although it's better than nothing, giving someone millions for a loved one's life without taking full responsibility is not justice. But in the halls of systemic legal racism, this is what we are thrown to accept. Taxpayers who were not on the sidewalk that day are bearing the burden, not the perpetrators. The only mutually agreed upon decision in this case revolves around lawyers settling out of court for money which could never compensate for a father/grandfather/husband/son being lost.

Although NYC mayor Bill de Blasio apologized and made some policy changes, I didn't hear a heartfelt "I'm sorry" coming from Officer Daniel Pantaleo who used an illegal chokehold on Garner or the other officers and emergency technicians on the scene.

Again, the world is crying out for justice and for an end to senseless murder. A more just punishment is called for. Just like in the confessional, admitting guilt must be required to save souls. That is only proper and right! In this case, reparation has been given but rehabilitation to reform the perpetrator's behavior has not. That's the real reason why Garner's name has been added to a list containing the names of Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, and Ramarley Graham. Those who may try this kind of treatment on someone else have not been deterred.

"Father, I have sinned," must be the next line is this tragedy, and we should ask for nothing less. A penance must be dealt. God is not mocked, and neither should man be thrown a bone when he deserves a five course meal.

End racism, promote justice: 

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