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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bill Cosby: a lesson in what not to do...

Do not use without permission.
It seems that it's raining on Bill Cosby's image, and what he's accused of ain't funny!

Thinking update : Bill Cosby is innocent until proven guilty.

Rule No 1: Don't rape women! Rule No 2: Don't lie about it afterwards. Rule No 3: Don't excuse those who rape women and lie about it.

I had the opportunity to hear Bill Cosby speak at Douglass High School in Atlanta in 2004 and wrote an article which told of his blaming parents for "bad" kids.

There was something about Cosby that I did not like then. Maybe he is one of many who have done awful things and gotten away with it. Even made fun of it... But just like Black on Black crime, bad actions should not be condoned. 

Something's wrong with this picture, and it must be discussed. No one should be mistreated, and justice must be served! What do you think should be his punishment for drugging women to have sex which he admitted to doing but claimed later he did not? What is the psychology behind this "funny" man's actions? Let's truly get ourselves together!

Do not use without permission.
I have this book in my personal library of black memorabilia, but I don't remember reading this story to my children. It features black kids having fun playing in trash.

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