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Monday, July 6, 2015

End racism, promote justice...

Have you learned anything from reading this blog? Have you or someone you know been featured on this blog? If so, now's the time for you to act constructively.

Wingcom Watchdog has set up a Gofundme account so we can expand our reporting.

Here's what we're trying to accomplish - open communications through research and dialogue.

Do not use without permission.
This symbol scares some but makes others proud. Imagine! We cannot legislate curtains and interior designs because of Freedom of Speech, but we can change hearts and minds through actions.
I'm a blogger/photojournalist/researcher whose goal is to document attempts to end racism, spread knowledge, support universal love and peace, and eradicate inequality and injustice in hearts and minds around the world.

Recent events have made it imperative that things change for the better, and while change is happening, we're telling the story!

Support my efforts to bring you the information on what's really happening in race relations in America...

Speaking truth to the powerful on behalf of the powerless, my blog expands philanthropic attempts to make positive change for the less fortunate.

Wingcom Watchdog has been operating on a shoestring for three years, and now is the time to expand...

Now read in 37 countries including the United States, Germany, France, Russia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Canada, and Bulgaria - now's the time to take it to the next level. 

I'm reaching out to people of all racial, economic, educational backgrounds and religious persuasions.


Stating the truth about the downtrodden plight in the United States and enlightening consciousness around the world. 

I've been a reporter since 1974, starting with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and producing broadcasts from Appalachia;  university professor in Black Theater, consultant for summer camp counselors in  South Carolina;  loaned executive to the United Way, raising thousands of dollars for the disadvantaged and handicapped; publisher of Reality World Magazine.

Now is the time  to expand my research and continue the struggle towards human dignity for all.

Please contribute to support my efforts to bring you the most up-to-date information and photos.

Become a partner in what's happening. Don't cop out. Power to the people!

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