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Friday, July 10, 2015

FBI complicit in Roof's gun aggression?

Federal Bureau of Investigation

This morning I just posted a web link for readers to view featuring the "FBI's War on Black America."
In this video, former Black Panthers suggested that  FBI agents infiltrated the KKK in the 1960's and could have been responsible for a church bombing in Birmingham, Viola Liuzzo's killing, and Malcolm's and MLK's assassinations. Agents either knew what was about to take place or were involved in the actual murders. The FBI director at the time was J. Edgar Hoover.

Know your history, for it can repeat. The present FBI director is James Comey. Now the FBI is saying that Accused Mass Murder Dylann Roof should not have been able to buy a handgun which ended up killing nine people in a church bible study in Charleston, S.C. They say that Roof's gun application approval fell through the cracks because he had been arrested on a drug charge and should not have been allowed to purchase a gun.

BTW, I contacted the FBI about a Confederate flag in a person's yard off Turner (Diaries) Road in Marietta, and they never returned my email. and 

I guess they are too business searching for terrorists!

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