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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Women of the Bar introduced to global issues at monthly meeting

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Women of the Bar, based in Cobb County, Ga., had a luncheon meeting April 24 at The Butcher and the Baker on the Marietta Square. The organization, which is a section of the Cobb County Bar Association (CCBA), is committed to the unique needs addressed by female attorneys in their daily practice of law.
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Morant said more leadership training is needed.
Guest speakers were Brenda Morant from the International Women’s Think Tank whose mission is to promote women and girls across the globe, and Dr. Uwa Onyioha-Osimiri, founding president of African Women Economic Consortium (AWEC).
"We need to start with a strategic plan to improve the status of women and girls in the United States," Morant told the group. "In several indicators - education, health, economic security, and leadership - it has been reported that Georgia received a D or F."
Morant said she is planning a Leadership Summit in October that will address this trend and is asking for planning committee volunteers and donations.
Dr. Osimiri noted that in the US, Georgia ranks #1 in human trafficking and has a huge problem with prostitution. 
Osimiri works on a global stage. "In Kenya, I've seen women and children who are hopeless and helpless," she said. "When I saw children wandering for food through mounds of trash, I got involved to change things."   

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Osimiri talked about empowering women through economic development.
In Africa, Osimiri said she is building villages of hope for those who have been displaced and those suffering from HIV-AIDS. She has been focused on the AWEC Village of Hope Joe Dome, a renewable energy village on 1,000 hectares of land for displaced women and children. Her goal is to raise $6 million to provide water, electricity and sanitation; build health centers and schools, and enhance cottage industries to help women become more economically viable.

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful article. It was a pleasure meeting you, members of Women of the Bar, based in Cobb County, Ga.,and seeing Brenda Morant, President of the International Women's Think Tank(IWTT). Remain blessed!


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