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Friday, April 3, 2015

Nicholas Thomas family asks for help

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Cobb Cty. DA Victor Reynolds
UPDATE: The DA called in the GBI yesterday to handle the investigation...first small no need to contact him or the police chief any longer unless you have questions about community policing initiative which needs to be established...Rich Pellegrino

To donate towards funeral expenses, go to:

This morning - The family of Nicholas Taft Thomas, who was killed by police last week, requested members of the community to contact Cobb County District Attorney D. Victor Reynolds (770) 528-3080 - and Cobb County Police Chief John R. Houser (770-499-3900 - The request: ask these two men to turn the investigation of Thomas' death over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

Thomas' mother, Felicia Thomas, has set up a Go Fund Me account to help pay for funeral expenses -

Additionally, the family's attorney, Davis Bozeman Law Firm (404-244-2004), asks witnesses of the killing to contact them immediately, including Starbucks customers, Ryan Rose, and Sue Brown.

Here is the timeline of events leading to Thomas' death provided by the family.

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March 23, 2015
  • Thomas contacted an attorney to seek representation for his probation violation. He had failed to report and had fallen behind on fines/fees.
March 24, 2015
  • Thomas arrived at his job at the Goodyear Tire Center for his normal shift.
  • The City of Smyrna and Cobb County Police Department initiated warrant servicing for parole violation and called Thomas' supervisor, stating they would be arriving to serve warrant.
  • While performing his job duties, Thomas entered a customer's vehicle needing service before police arrived. He was unarmed.
  • Police officers arrived with SWAT team, police dog (K-9 Unit), and ambulance. All exits to Goodyear were blocked.
  • Thomas panicked and drove car in lot, attempting to allude police, but did not strike anyone.
  • A police dog was set loose and ran towards vehicle driven by Thomas.
  • Sgt. Kenneth Owens shot into the car and killed Thomas. All shots were into the driver and passenger side windows.
Follow this developing story at #justicefornick.

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Blue lights are always cause for anxiety...nine cops converged near I75 and Windy Hill
Road last night, picking up customers. Always have camera available.

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  1. CB says: It is a shame before God, it appears that people of color are being treated like the days of slavery, but in a more covert manner!


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