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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Police brutality, excessive force major issues for community groups

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Nicholas Thomas vigil attendee wears slave ship on back.
 Why the surge of police attacks on black people?
Where do we go from here?
Cobb County, Ga...Cobb United for Change Coalition will hold a community meeting April 21, 5pm - 8:30pm at the Cobb County Central Library, 266 Roswell Street, Marietta, Ga. 30060.
Issues to be addressed include:
           -     Racial profiling in Cobb County in general and at police check-points
-    Cobb County police refusal to address white criminal activity
-    Police refusal to respond to 911 calls in Powder Springs area
-    How to file a binding and legal complaint against the police department
-    Human Rights for all races
-    Police related deaths and beatings:
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     1. murder of Walter Scott, New Charleston, S.C., April 4, 2015
     2. choke hold death of Eric Garner in NYC, NY, July 17, 2014
     3. gun death of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Ohio, November 22, 2014
     4. brutal deaths of seven young African-American men in Missouri since 2014
     5. shooting of naked Kevin Davis in Atlanta two weeks ago
     6. shooting death of Jason Harrison, Dallas, Texas,  June 14, 2014
     7. murder of Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Detroit, May 16, 2010

From Sincere Ignorance blog -
    8. beating of Martese Johnson, Charlottesville, Virginia, March 18, 2015
    9. killing of Nicholas Thomas, Smyrna, Ga., March 24, 2015

   10. Taser death of Calvon Reid,  Coconut Creek, Florida, February 22/24, 2015
For more information on this event, contact Helen Riley (770-423-2040) or Rich Pellegrino (404-573-1199).


  1. WMC says: Tomi, thank you so much for including my nephew, Calvon Reid, on this list.

  2. Stan says: Tomi, thank you for forwarding the link - CopWatch ATL also has a link - They also host FANTASTIC seminars to educate the public on how to be safe and stay alive when confronted by the police. Again, Thank you

  3. Rev. C says: Thanks for the information.


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