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Friday, April 17, 2015

Breaking news: Ebenezer Baptist Church place for Nicholas Thomas homegoing service

Congressman Hank Johnson, Ga., 4th district
U.S. Congressman Hank Johnson will speak at the funeral of Nicholas Thomas on Saturday, April 18 at 10 a.m. at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, 101 Jackson Street N.E., Atlanta Georgia, 30312.

Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia’s 4th Congressional District is a leading proponent of demilitarization of local law enforcement agencies. Most recently, Congressman Johnson spoke out about the shooting of unarmed Black men on the House floor by saying, "It feels like open season on Black men in America, and I’m outraged.”

Platinum recording artist and actress D. Woods has expressed her support of the Thomas family and will be singing a gospel selection during the service.

When every facet of our community comes together to say Nicholas Thomas’ life mattered, they are acknowledging that all Black Life Matters. The family is thankful that historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, America's freedom church and Dr. Rafael Warnock have been incredibly kind and loving towards their family,” said Robert Bozeman, the family's attorney.

"We appreciate Congressman Johnson, D. Woods, and Wanda Smith (radio personality) for joining us as we celebrate the life of our son," said Felicia Thomas, mother of Nicholas Thomas. "The support we have received has been a blessing, and we look forward to seeing the community on Saturday at Ebenezer."

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