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Thursday, April 9, 2015

How to end racism

Nicholas Thomas vigil. Do not use without permission.
Black people must make constructive progress to produce justice or face extinction.
"Follow a code of thought, speech, and action that is productive of a thing called justice...when we interact with each other, make sure that every interaction, every time one black person contacts another, make sure that the result has a constructive effect. It's just that simple.

"Before you pick up a cellphone, an iPad, or whatever, and contact anybody, or go to a meeting...when I come's going to have a constructive effect...eventually the white racist will have to make a decision: whether they're going to produce justice...or destroy all the non-white people on the planet. I mean, exterminate us! And we should push them to have to make that decision. Now, that's cold, but this is where it is...there's no other direction to go.

"It's not like there's an option. Actually, everything we are doing is leading up to that...where those white people, not all white people, just the white people who believe in white supremacy, and they are the smartest and most powerful... they're gonna have to make a decision if black people keep making constructive progress."---Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr.

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