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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Two openings for police chiefs...

Phote by Will Crump.
According to eyewitnesses, Calvon A. Reid (above) was tasered by as many as five Coconut
Creek police officers managed by Chief Michael Mann who resigned today.
Two places where young, unarmed Black men were killed are looking to hire new police chiefs.

The chief of the Coconut Creek Police Department, Michael J. Mann, has resigned after controversy surrounding the Taser death of Calvon A. Reid in Florida. Also, Ferguson, Mo. Police Chief Thomas Jackson stepped down today over how the Michael Brown incident was handled.

Both these men, as well as other government officials who resigned in the wake of these incidents, did so before they could be fired under a shadow of mismanagement.

Calvin and Mamie Reid, parents of Calvon "Andre" Reid who was reportedly tasered to death by Coconut Creek police officers in late February, were notified by the family attorney, Jarrett Blakeley of Fort Lauderdale, and Sun Sentinel Reporter Lisa Huriash that the chief of police "has stepped down."

"Maybe they are taking this thing seriously now," said Calvin Reid in a telephone interview. "All officers that were involved in that incident, we want them suspended. We want their names, and we want them suspended.

"The eyewitnesses said there were five officers down there on Andre," referring to his son Calvon. "Isn't that something! I believe after this thing opens up, there may be some more eyewitnesses to come forward. I got a gut feeling," Reid said.

Reid said he and his wife were just interviewed by Fox 21 News in Greenville, S.C., and their story will be aired at 4p.m. and 10p.m., and more information will be on the television website.

"We're looking for justice. Those officers that did this... they don't need to be on the police department. If they could do it to Andre, they can do it to another. That's what frightens me. They should not be allowed to practice law enforcement if they're found guilty. The more it's brought to their attention and put in the public eye, it will help this country as a whole."

"It's unreal, really, what is happening in our country," Reid said.

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