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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Calvon Reid - official police press release

DO not use without permission.
(Emailed from Coconut Creek Police Dept.)

March 5, 2015...Coconut Creek, Fla....Subject: Incident at 1702 Andros Isle on February 22, 2015
Contact: Sergeant Henry Cabrera,

Good afternoon. Thank you for coming. My name is Michael Mann, Chief of Police for the City of Coconut Creek. I will provide a statement regarding a recent incident that took place in the Wynmoor community.

On February 22nd at 1:08 am, the Margate-Coconut Creek Fire Department responded to a 911 call at 1702 Andros Isle in the Wynmoor Community for a medical incident in the parking lot. On arrival, the paramedics encountered a male who was later identified as Calvon Reid. Mr. Reid was observed to be in an agitated, combative state, and incoherent. He had numerous cuts on his arms, hands, and chest, and his clothing was torn and bloodstained. Mr. Reid became more aggressive on the scene which caused safety concerns for the paramedics who were attempting to help him. This resulted in a request from paramedics for the Coconut Creek Police Department to expedite their response to the scene.

Upon arrival of the officers, the on-scene paramedics relayed their concerns about Mr. Reid’s observed condition and aggressive behavior. As the officers approached Mr. Reid to offer him assistance, he became even more agitated. Given Mr. Reid’s appearance and behavior, the officers were unsure if they were dealing with a victim of a crime, the suspect of a crime, or a potential Baker Act subject. The officers attempted to detain Mr. Reid to determine what happened.

As officers approached Mr. Reid, he exhibited threatening behavior and appeared to be hallucinating. Mr. Reid was repeatedly advised to stop resisting by the uniformed officers, but he refused to comply. Mr. Reid continued to escalate his violent behavior to the extent that TASER use became necessary for the officers safety as well as for Mr. Reid’s own safety. Mr. Reid was subsequently transported to Northwest Medical Center.

His family was notified later that day by law enforcement officers about what had occurred. Unfortunately, Mr. Reid passed away two days later on February 24th. There is an ongoing internal affairs investigation as well as an ongoing criminal investigation. Once the criminal investigation is concluded, it will be turned over to the State Attorney’s Office. No further information will be released or questions answered until those investigations are concluded. We appreciate your cooperation and continued patience during this process.

Here are questions I posed in an email to the Coconut Creek Police Department concerning the death of Calvon Reid, but these questions remain unanswered.
1. Why were the paramedics called?
---medical incident
2. What ailment was afflicting Mr. Reid -  what was he suffering from?
3. Did he ingest any substance that caused him to resist aid?
4. If paramedics were on scene, why wasn't a sedative given in order to calm him down, or was a sedative administered?
5. How many times should a person be tasered, especially if they are under the influence of illicit or legal drug?

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  1. CB said: It is a shame that it has come full circle to slavery without the chains. I most cases there is a disproportionate number of white law enforcement officers patrolling in predominantly black neighborhoods.

    According to every guideline on how to provide good community policing the police force should have a proportionately equal make up that reflects the communities they serve. We know that this is not true, as one can see that the make up of the Ferguson Police Department was approximately 60 officers with 3 of the officers being black. Ferguson is a predominantly black neighborhood!


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