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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Uptick in people killed by police

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Community policing is important but won't solve societal issues that affect public safety.
(Policeman talks to man on sidewalk in Cobb County, Ga.)
We check this site everyday, and yesterday there were nine people killed by police reported on ( This year, 214 people have been killed by police.

Officer deaths are also viewed at the Officer Down Memorial Page (, but not all these deaths were cops killed by citizens. The page reports that 22 law enforcement officers have died in 2015, only 4 from gunfire, and one was from accidental gunfire.

With the events unfolding in Ferguson, Mo. and two police officers shot, the investigation is not complete, however, officials have insinuated that the bullets came from protesters and not police which fuels distrust. How can they insure that this was not an accident or friendly fire? A lot of questions will be answered, hopefully, after the damage has already been done.

It seems that we are at war with ourselves, and morality has flown out the window!

What's the solution to ending this war? One thing is for sure - citizens cannot win in a gun battle with police. The battle can only be won in hearts and minds with a change in our culture of death and destruction replaced with justice.

"True justice involves more than just reforming police procedures. We need to stop using policing and incarceration to manage the problems of an increasingly unequal society."
---Alex S. Vitale, Brooklyn College (

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