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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Breaking news...Nicholas Thomas family attorney holds press conference

Davis Bozeman Law Group, P.C. photo from their website
(Bozeman seated third from right)
Decatur, Ga...The Thomas family has hired Attorney Robert Bozeman of the Davis Bozeman Law Group to represent them over the death of 23 year old Nicholas Taft Thomas who was killed by police on Tuesday.

"Mr. Thomas' death is the latest in a disturbing trend of killings of unarmed African American men. We are committed to helping this family obtain the answers they deserve." - Attorney Robert Bozeman

The family deems the shooting unjustified, although they admit their son was not perfect. One news account claims Thomas was driving a customer's car into the garage where he worked for service and was not fleeing from or trying to harm police.

"You don't get the death sentence...for having an arrest warrant against you," said Attorney Robert Bozeman at the press conference.

The family is also demanding an independent investigation be performed other than one done by law enforcement agencies. A prayer vigil is being planned for next week.

"It's very sad when family after family starts coming to our office because their loved ones have been killed," said Anana Harris Parris, director of operations and community affairs with the Davis Bozeman Law Firm, P.C.

According to the firm's official press release, Nicholas Thomas was unarmed when he was shot multiple times by members of the Smyrna Police Department. The family and their attorneys are seeking answers in the death of Mr. Thomas.

This story is still developing...

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  1. AF said: Do hope that justice is served. It's happening too often.


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