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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Los Angeles NAACP responds to shooting in Skid Row

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Los Angeles, California -- Three Los Angeles police Officers shot and killed a man on the city's Skid Row during an alleged struggle over one of the officers' guns, authorities say.  According to witnesses, no such struggle actually occurred.  The shooting, which took place Sunday, has garnered widespread attention resulting from the release of a video of the incident.

"I am tragically disappointed by the killing of a homeless man by the Los Angeles Police Department yesterday.  These homicides committed by police officers in the Los Angeles area seem to have become a weekly occurrence.  We remain horrified by the continued use of excessive force we have witnessed at the hand of local police. 

"The Los Angeles NAACP calls on LAPD Chief Beck to institute further training and stiffer penalties for those officers who use excessive force."
Minnie Hadley-Hempstead
President, Los Angeles NAACP
P.O.Box 56408
Los Angeles, CA 90056

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