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Monday, January 12, 2015

News or entertainment? You decide.

Grizzly photo of people killed by terrorists in Nigeria from Boris Kodjoe's Facebook post.

While news departments last week focused on 17 media murders in Paris, the manhunt, and eventual killing of the terrorists, I guess there wasn't enough time to report on terrorism in Nigeria??? 

Many are afraid to go there. Do you want to go there? Although I am a journalist, I don't want to go to any war zone, however, we must understand who decides on "news" stories and whether we are seeing "news" or are just being entertained. 

Journalism can shed light on wrongdoings which can lead to positive change. Some news, though, is just propaganda and public relations with agendas. You, the viewer, must decide the purpose of news reports and your response should be equal to your outrage. Right now, all I can do is use my keyboard.

Unfortunately, people in these countries are powerless when it comes to fighting atrocities...what can we do other than be spectators?

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