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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Invisible brown friend

You can’t miss what you don’t see,

A brown friend, a bubble bee.
You never realize what you’ve missed,

At school or soccer practice.
And when you see him, you wonder why,

He never did see you eye to eye.
Until mentioned...

the very intention
Of including him as your friend.


We tend to forget what we don’t see,
We can’t forget what was not to be.

A chance glance and we realize

What we missed was authorized.
By happenstance, fate or status,
Never to be thought of or granted us,

missing and being apart.
A dart through the unnoticed heart.

But be of good courage, oh friend of mine,

'Twill some day be different and undefined.

It will not matter what track you live on

Who your brother was, of what cloth you're torn.

Remember, to your own self be true,

The world is made of more than you.

So watch for that friend to appear,

And when you find him, hold him dear.

Brown friends can be trusted, true,

Find one, or he will find you.

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