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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Benign envy can be good for those wanting to succeed, but be careful who you envy

Envying a beautiful girl standing in a beautiful place is not bad if it motivates you to wash your hair, lose ten pounds, and drive to Florida to enjoy the sites yourself.
Two things have motivated me to write this post: 
1) comments from anti-racists on what blacks need to do to succeed;
2) discussion on envy with relative.

I don't think we are envious when we are trying to learn from other's fortunes in an attempt to succeed ourselves. 

One definition of envy deals with people lacking another's superior qualities, achievements, or possessions. I do not condone malicious envy, but benign envy can be a positive, motivating force.

I think everyone should search his/her own soul, contemplate what is really important in life, set goals, and learn from others who have achieved success. When one "envies" a lottery winner, benign envy motivates him to buy a ticket, but trying to steal the ticket from the winner or wishing bad luck on winners would be malicious and contemptible. 

Some black people are envious of their friends, kinfolks, and the majority of white people who they deem are better off, have higher achievements, and more possessions. If our goal is to get a better house or car, a better education, higher spirituality, or keys to success, it will take more than envy but hard work and a plan to work toward goals together. We cannot succeed alone, but should include those we love in all future endeavors.  

And what about those who have what looks like the world? They too have their own problems, so be careful who you envy!

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