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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rivaling Obama like opposing Kennedy: a lesson in moving backwards

Bull Connor was a separatist who fought against Pres. Kennedy's views on integration. (City of Birmingham, Ala. photo)
I don't understand why any patriot, although disagreeable, would not support his/her top leader!
As I watched President Barack Obama's 2015 State of the Union Address, I remembered the words of Bull Connor, racist public servant who defied integration in Birmingham, Ala. during the 1960's: "You can never whip these birds (Negroes) if you don't keep you and them separate...You got to keep the white and the black separate!"'t
A nation divided will not stand! But our nation is set up on opposition: whites against non-whites, Dems against Repubs., Christians against Muslims, rich against poor, educated against uneducated, employed against unemployed, mansion dwellers against homeless, gays against straights, prisoners against freemen, public school attendees against private school students. Separatism, however, only exacerbates our problems.

Three branches of government were instituted by the founders fathers in our fledgling government's Constitution in Articles I, II, and III as a way to check and balance power. It was not set up to derail good intentions by leadership working for the common good in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. There should not be a constant war struggle on our shores between some politicians who are merely trying to enhance their standing, satisfy their base, raise campaign funds, look important, and sound convincing. Time for that should be over.

What would happen if our separate branches on the same tree could produce good fruit together? Everyone would win.

Yes, like Obama said last night, we are moving forward in a positive way economically, but we must keep our moral agenda in check. There is no reason why some rich Americans, who will never be able to spend all their money, should not concede that it is almost impossible for a family to make it on $15,000 a year.

My rich friends, I know you think you deserve all that you have worked so hard for, but consider the working poor who cannot pull themselves up by their bootstraps if they are barefoot. The playing field must be leveled in economics and education for us all to progress, and those who need help the most should get it! This is not communism or socialism, just good common sense! And this is a mostly Christian nation, so let's contemplate, "What would Jesus do?"

Let's stand behind our President, his advisers, and say to the legislative and judicial leaders "ACT" with Obama. Let's not slide backwards.

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  1. LL says: Wow! Definitely something for EVERYONE to think about.


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