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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Racial disparities, racism, and hypersegregation hurting educated Blacks

Blacks must interact with whites but not lose their identities.
This is in response to a New York Times article:

Yes, this article hits close to home for several reasons.

1. I grew up in Huntsville, Ala. and lived there for 22 years. My voice teacher, Madame Lee, taught at Oakwood College, now Oakwood University. My parents were on the faculty of A&M College located on the outskirts of Huntsville in Normal, Ala. These two black schools were noted for high standards; one was tied to a 7th Day Adventist Church philosophy and the other was a school for blacks operated by the State. I understand that A&M has a major drug problem....Instead of staying in Huntsville for college. I decided to go to Indiana University and graduated in 3 1/2 years after an internship, landing a job in Kentucky in my field during the height of the recession at an educational television station. The key: assistance from my teacher and mentor, Dr. Winona Fletcher. Teachers with connections can help students get jobs!!!

2. I have interviewed Dr. Darity myself, and he believed in 2011 we needed a federal jobs program.  ( He is probably right. I'm thinking that if the political climate changes after the next presidential election, we will go back to the days of Reagan and Bush when black unemployment was high. When the economy is bad, it hurts those on the bottom first. Also, black businesses suffer during these times, so getting ahead as a black businessperson depends on the competition and partnerships, not mind power or inventiveness. The main thing that Dr. Darity states harms blacks in this NY Times piece is not the lack of education, but racial disparities. In the U.S., racial disparities are directly related to criminal justice systems. After recently visiting Orange County, Calif., I think our country is getting more segregated, and whites are interacting less and less with blacks in the workforce, in housing, and educational institutions. "Our Nation Is Moving Toward Two Societies, One Black, One White—Separate and Unequal”: Excerpts from the Kerner Report...Whites don't really see their world as being segregated, but normal. Blacks let into the "white" world tend to lose all sense of identity. Neely Fuller states that racism/white supremacy is the basis of all our problems in every human activity, including education and employment.

3. I am blessed that my kids, who all finished college by using the HOPE scholarship, living at home, and accruing a small amount of educational debt, have jobs. Jobs not only provide income but a sense  of self-worth. I also feel that if they were white, they would be making more money. Educational systems make administrators, researchers, and teachers a lot of money, and they must be held accountable if graduates can't find jobs. Maybe we need to steer our youth into education and research instead of healthcare. Additionally, my daughter wants to go to grad school, but the company she works for won't help her pay for classes. I recently applied for a job at that same company and was told I was overqualified which just let me know that ageism/racism was at play.  We need ways to pay for advanced degrees so we can compete, land better jobs, but not become too "overqualified" and unemployable while still owing large sums in educational debt.

4.  Going to Dubai or working overseas may be an option, but for black women not the best move, especially seeking employment in Arab/Islamic countries.  I was informed some years ago that my husband would be welcomed in Saudi Arabia, but it was not wise for me or my daughter to work there. Europe also has high unemployment. Switzerland may provide some opportunities if you have connections there. On the other hand, if we can't make it here, we can't make it anywhere!


  1. HO states: Thanks for sharing. I do believe that networking is a skill the youth need to exploit if not excel at, especially these days.

  2. Yes, but networking with others who are down on their luck leads nowhere... we need to eliminate racist attitudes first and get help to those who need it most.

  3. What is happening especially nowadays when something that even smells of racial disparity, is that some whites fight back very aggressively on these issues. You can listen to any talk radio or TV talk show and see it. The comments are very revealing on how people feel. The 60's used non violence to put a face on disparity and the ones doing it. Now it's "faceless", since some people resort to violence to retaliate albeit isolated, but it gives a reason to point a finger back so someone can be blamed... even if they have just cause. We are being "fed" information to push our emotional buttons now more than ever. This is poisoning our reasoning ability. Who is doing this? We can't move past this mindset and are doomed to wander in fear and mistrust for God knows how long. Only something ultimately catastrophic will wake us from this mind drugged state we are in. What use is education when we can't think for ourselves? What good are politicians in a democracy that is paid for and controlled by the wealthy?

  4. Blacks can't eliminate racist attitudes when we don't understand racism. Whites have shown they have no intention of eliminating racism because they benefit from it and we don't have the power to make them change.

    What we have to change is ourselves and our responses to racism. That means we have to stop doing things that don't work, otherwise we wouldn't still have to do them. That includes, marching, protesting and carrying signs and wearing t-shirts.

    We have to change the way we see ourselves and other black people because anti-blackness among blacks is at epidemic levels due to integration, interracial sexing, and too much TV and movie watching. The main focus for black people should not be more college degrees (which aren't helping us get jobs) and bigger houses but to fix what is wrong with us by understanding what was done to us.

    I would strongly suggest you check out the book, "Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation" and "Black Love is a Revolutionary Act." Once you read these two books, you will understand why we have not been able to eliminate racism and what we need to do to change our destiny.


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