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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Global war on unarmed people needs to stop!

The African image is no longer exotic but is pathetic. Unarmed black people around the globe are suffering from homicide and incurable diseases. Who is willing to end racism?
The U.S. has been called the most powerful nation on Earth. It is fighting three wars that we know of in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Ferguson, USA.

In the former two countries, armed militants are fighting our armed forces on the ground and from the air. In Ferguson, armed troops are confronting protesters carrying bibles, protest signs, firecrackers, and bottle bombs. This seems really strange and highly unacceptable in a U.S. city - citizens fighting the military.

We are not disposable, but who do you think is gonna win? Obama, the Commander in Chief?

Let's get real. Black people and their friends are weaponless. They don't even have a mountaintop to climb up like the people of Iraq. They are out in the open, being killed by bullets instead of detained by Tasers. These protesters are up against trained killers.

Black men, women AND children are being mistreated, leaving a depression of heart that cannot be assuaged until racism is eliminated.

Our hope is that the first will be last, and the last will be first!

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