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Monday, August 18, 2014

Chaos in Ferguson has been rigged!

The Last Poets warned in the '60s that the revolution would not be televised.

Before tear gas clouds appeared, I saw a woman crying on T.V. because her 18 year old son, Michael Brown, had been shot dead in the street by a police officer. “He didn’t deserve that,” she said.

Then, there was a peaceful march of demonstrators.  Marchers in the street wore sandals or tennis shoes. One elderly black woman rode in her wheelchair, pushed by an adult black male.  Another woman pushed her son in a stroller down the sidewalk in the same direction, toward the spot where Brown’s body was left to bloat for four hours. One more black woman walked around with multi-colored perm rods in her hair at the burned out QuickTrip, protesting another killing of an unarmed youth.

All these women had one thing in common with Mary, the mother of Jesus: they could not protect their sons from violence perpetrated by government employees. They did the only thing they could do – protest.

Despite a curfew being set by the governor, people were still on the streets with their hands up past midnight on the seventh night after the killing. They knew they would be arrested, beaten, tear gassed or killed. But they went into the streets anyway and were met with force.

Why were they willing to confront danger? Was it a desire to see a pyrotechnic display? Why were they willing to risk their lives just to steal a hub cap, bottles of beer, diapers, guns, or a loaf of bread? Why was it so important to display their dissatisfaction now?

I think people are fed up by systems which discriminate in the areas Dr. Frances Cress Welsing identifies as economic, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, sex, religion, health, and war. It’s about more than Michael Brown. It’s about oppression in the black side of town.

And as the Race War against black people in the U.S. continues, we are reminded that the out gunned CANNOT win battles unless a checkmate occurs.

Justice is demanded and must be realized before riots are quelled. Amen.

Check this out, though. This is all staged. Police, the Justice Department, the FBI all know the scenario. Riots are not new, and psychologists have experiments which suggest that people will get angry when they are mistreated. They will protest and risk their lives in Ferguson. The world knows that Michael Brown was cheated out of his life.  No more investigation is needed.

Are you serious?

The chaos has been rigged!!! Think about it. Something very bad is about to happen, and Ferguson is practice for what's to come!

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