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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Police "protect and serve" motto misleading in 21st century U.S.

Carrying a big stick is no defense against vigilante police with guns.
I needed to take some papers downtown yesterday but refrained because I didn't want to see the police who seem to be stationed everywhere. I decided to use USPS instead.

Didn't want to walk or drive pass officers with badges.

Didn't want them following me in patrol cars.

Didn't want an altercation.

Although I have not broken any laws, I feel intimidated just thinking about the police.

How many others feel this way? How many others are just staying inside their homes and peering out windows instead of enjoying leisurely walks in the sunshine?

How many feel freedom is under lock and key because they are afraid of brutality being inflicted for no reason by our protectors?

Is this the beloved community we have created?

You can't ask Brown or Garner, so ask Miller and Pinnock.


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