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Saturday, August 30, 2014

DragonCon elicits peaceful, sci-fi creativy in Atlanta

Talk about positive energy bundled into entertainment...

Tomi Johnson meets The Penguin on Marta going to DragonCon Parade. (Photo by Kurk Johnson)
Some people think DragonCon attendees are kooks just trying to have fun, but it turns out that many of these cos-players are engineers, techies, and wardrobe experts showing that pleasure and science can be a positive mix.

Many there want to be noticed for exemplary work on their costume and acting abilities. Forget the troubles of the world...

Tomi Johnson poses with scantily clad cosplayer on Peachtree Street. (Photo by Ayron Johnson)

It also shows that folks in the U.S. can don handmade weapons and congregate peacefully regardless of racial, sexual, political, or economic differences and without killing each other... a welcome sign of peace! Why should police want to detain someone just because they're dancing in a costume in the hotel lobby?

Tomi Johnson and cosplayer with elaborate headdress on Peachtree Street (Photo by Ayron Johnson)
 Stay tuned for more DragonCon parade route and show pictures to come.

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