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Monday, October 29, 2012

Will Sandy become catastrophic hurricane, post tropical cyclone, or worst blizzard of 2012?

Sandy's circulation covers 1.8 million square miles. U.S. National Weather Service map of threatened East Coast USA
Weather advisers are predicting Hurricane Sandy will dramatically affect life on the East Coast by nightfall. Events related to the bad storm are predicted to be horrible and far-reaching, with over 1,000 miles of land and millions of people impacted.

According to the National Weather Service, Sandy is expected to bring life-threatening storm surge, coastal hurricane winds, as well as heavy Appalachian snows. Sandy is expected to make landfall along the central New Jersey coast later this evening.

"In addition to long periods of sustained tropical storm-force winds, the storm will produce historic surge levels along the coast...Sometime prior to making landfall, Hurricane Sandy is expected to lose its characteristics as a tropical cyclone and take on the structure of a wintertime low-pressure area."

"I have my generator ready," said Sherman Johnson in Willingboro, N.J. "This is something. Our mail was delivered today, but I'm headed for the post office to see if it's open," Johnson said.

At this writing, everything is closed or closing in Silver Springs, Md.  "Just light steady rain with wind about 35 - 40 miles per hour. Every thing is closed," wrote Sharon Jackson in an email.

Debra Corbett, an elementary school principal in Charles Town, W. Va., said schools are closed because of the weather today and tomorrow.  "It's not expected to snow here, but heavy amounts have been forecast for the West Virginia mountains."

Corbett said she had heard reports that the storm was set to hit hard in Ocean City, Md., a famous tourist resort.

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