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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney's bullseye approach wins debate; an altar call could win the election

Although I hate to admit it, I fell asleep during last night's debate. I had a feeling from the first two minutes of remarks that Romney - a carefree, deep pocketed, prayed up Mormon - would browbeat Obama - a hard working government man celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary by being nagged onstage. Romney was upright and smiling. Obama showed the weight of his office.

Like my aunt who went to sleep while we were driving in an ice storm, I threw in the towel, deciding to write about the debate in the light of morning. 

Here's what I think: the game ain't over yet...but a lot of praying will be going on.

Those who were for Romney before the debate are still for him now, and those who were for Obama will still vote for him. The undecided now have to make up their minds which could hinge on the following:

1.  What has Romney or Obama done for you lately or in the past?
2.  What has Obama been able to accomplish despite meeting challenges thrown at him by Republicans who are trying to get back in office?
3.  If you were on the panel to review Obama's job performance record, would you keep him in the White House?
4.  What would be the consequences of kicking Obama (the known employee) out of office and replacing him with Romney (the unknown employee)? Is switching administration's a good idea right now?
5.  Obama is a seasoned, experienced, government employee. Romney is an unemployed, spoiled, rich guy. Who's the best person for the job?

If I were Obama, I would gather my prayer partners together to strengthen and protect me. Believe me, Romney has already used his Hail Mary pass even though he is not a Catholic. Spiritual strength may be the key to winning this election.

As for me, I am praying for my country (people) and for the next President, whoever he may be, for the seen and unseen. May heaven help us all.

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  1. Mike Berlon, Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman, said: “The Presidential debate illustrated the incredible chasm and stark differences that exists between the policies of President Obama and those of Mitt Romney.
    Romney’s tax plan is not only unworkable but is nothing more than an absolute fantasy. His assertions that cutting taxes for the rich somehow equates to increasing revenue and benefits for everyone, including the middle class is simply impossible. Instead of trying to overpromise tax cuts and break the backs of the middle class, Governor Romney needs to face the hard reality. Tax cuts for the rich like his have never created jobs. They have just made the rich richer and eroded the middle class - the backbone of America. Romney’s suggestion that there will be no changes to Social Security and Medicare is nothing more than a bald face lie. Either he isn’t listening to his running mate Paul Ryan on the idea of vouchers or he simply doesn’t understand the issue. ‘Premium support’ is nothing more than the privatization of health insurance. His proposal is simply an effort to privatize the system for the benefit of companies he supports to the detriment of the American people. To Romney, it’s all about profit, not care for American citizens. Romney’s idea that America prospers by cutting business regulation is absolutely insane. Deregulation caused the economic collapse that crippled America. To suggest that removing these safeguards in order to get banks to make more loans is the height of lunacy.

    “Finally, for Romney to suggest that the Affordable Health Care Act is not workable is both a tragic mistake and the height of hypocrisy. Romney modeled it. Obama passed it. They are almost identical. Now Romney’s against it. It’s crystal clear that he’ll say anything to get elected. It’s time for us to move forward and reinvest in the American dream. That won’t happen under a Romney Administration.”

  2. I had to think about this all day because initially was disappointed. I think the President knew Romney was lying right from the start. Romney lied or was either confused about everything. How does one debate untruths. Romney also came off as a bully which I noticed last night. Do we really want a President that interrupts, bullies and lies

  3. George said: Mr Berlon said it all for me!


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