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Thursday, February 6, 2014

St. Joseph's Mission and Black History

Here is a Black History factoid:
Leaving mass is Condredge Holloway, Jr. (1st black quarterback at Univ. of Tenn.), Joan Moses, Mary Beeble and Tomi Morris.
"St. Joseph parochial school, with Sr. Imelda, principal, and Sisters Yolanda and Gerard teaching, opened with a bang in September of 1963...But the biggest bang of all resulted when, for the first time in the State of Alabama, in any public, private, or parochial elementary school, 118 students - 106 black and twelve white - took their places together, constituting a historic school integration.  Accomplished two days BEFORE George Wallace 'stood in the schoolhouse door', the integration was 'reverse', but integration none the less, and was 'not just peaceful, but warm, welcoming and comfortable' according to the mother of one of the white children enrolled."

---from History of St. Joseph's Parish, 1950-73 by Isabelle Marrero, Huntsville, Ala.

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