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Thursday, February 13, 2014

State of Emergency could negatively affect employees in Right to Work state

Two weeks ago, some Atlanta motorists were stuck in their cars for 24 hours after a snow storm dumped less than three inches of hazardous precipitation on interstate highways. Two days ago, citizens were warned to stay off the roads after Gov. Nathan Deal ordered a State of Emergency in 91 counties.

But some employees are complaining that their bosses are telling them it's o.k. to come to work, although they don't have four wheel drive vehicles, tire chains, or bus service.

Since Georgia is a Right to Work state, should non-essential employees be more afraid of losing their jobs or risking their safety during this State of Emergency? I'm going to watch Deal's press conference now to see if he will address this issue:

State of emergency has been extended until Sunday.

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  1. AJ says: They should get into the 21st century and give desk workers the ability to work from home.


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