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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The god of violence in Dorner, Vesey, and Brown

During Black History Month, my gut is telling me that the same god that created Denmark Vesey, John Brown, and Christopher Dorner are one in the same - the god of freedom from racism reacting in destructive force.

All three males were created to believe that men have inalienable rights - those of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In each case, these three men were enslaved to the belief that injustices were heaped on defenseless blacks and themselves and that some higher power was motivating them to act to overcome evil through violence.

In their own minds, they were acting out in holy wars with predictable consequences. The pendulum swings backwards.

Christopher Dorner was Christ in name only, for he did not forgive his enemies. A person who proclaimed himself not to be a religious being, he self-defined himself in his last writings as moral. His career and life changed after becoming a whistleblower, stating that a female police officer kicked a mentally retarded man without provocation.

If those are Dorner's charred remains recovered by police, it will become a fact that he fought to his death to clear his name, knowing that officers retaliate and commit violent acts against the guilty and the innocent alike. One of his last acts, however, was to let a boy scout leader and his dog go free and unharmed while he drove a stolen car into a gun battle.

May God have mercy on his soul and receive him unto Himself.

Revision: May God have mercy on his soul and the souls he took with him. May they be received by Him who forgives all. 


  1. Injustices done to people of color are intolerable. Write on Tomi.

  2. Any possible parallel/comparison to Phineas?
    James Buckner

  3. Bro Malcolm said: Very well said. I agree. It's very unfortunate that the vast majority of us, of African descent, (if not all) in this part of the globe are being bullied, disrespected, attacked without merit, victimized by aggression and ultimately controlled by the God of violence.


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