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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jesse Jackson, Jr. had no problem squandering contributor's money

2000 photo of JJJ
I chuckled to myself when my husband handed me a page I had saved from the February 2000 edition of The Costco Connection Magazine featuring Jesse Jackson, Jr. Thirteen years ago, author Beth Grubb was touting a new book Jackson had co-written with his father, Jesse Jackson, Sr., entitled It's About the Money. The article was named "A Penny Saved."

The article was subtitled, "Two national leaders share their knowledge of how to build wealth one day at a time." A used copy of the book is selling for $.01 plus shipping on

Grubb quoted Jackson, Jr. from the book: "My wife, Sandi, and I seldom go to a movie theater at $8 a ticket. Instead, we wait until the movie comes out on video and rent it for $3. That saves $13, which goes into a mutual fund for our daughter's college education. Because my heart is with my daughter, I'm willing to put my treasury where my heart is."

Former U.S. Congressman Jackson, Jr., however, has been recently convicted of putting $750k in his personal piggy bank and buying frivolous things with money taken from his political campaign coffers. A gold Rolex, Michael Jackson memorabilia, furs, and kid's furniture were not good investments for voters in the Illinois 2nd District.

While Jackson, Jr. saved $13 of his own money on a DVD, prosecutors stated that he used campaign cash to make more than 3,100 personal purchases, including $60,857 in restaurants, nightclubs, and lounges. He and his family lived large off other people's money. What more can you expect from religious folks who own beer franchises, you might ask yourself.

Political campaign contributors, beware! Jackson has admitted that he has lived off his constituents for years and used campaign funds illegally. Although each state monitors how campaign finances are spent, the record keeping is submitted by the political candidate running for office.  Jackson and his wife were caught and will have to pay, but the funds will not be returned to donors. To add insult to injury, the federal case brought against Jackson and his wife, Sandi, was paid for by taxpayers!

My opinion: take a look at a politician's record keeping and submitted statements which are public record to see how past donations were spent, and beware of those giving financial advice, especially politicians who make rhyming speeches and whose initials are JJJ.


  1. George C. said, "Hey, don't forget about Ray Nagin being charged with corruption while mayor of New Orleans...Tom Joyner had a field day with both on his show this morning!"

  2. James B said, "Tomi, are you hip to Noah Robinson, Jesse Senior's half-brother?? Former shot-caller with the El-Rukns out of Chi!! I guess they got Gangsta' in their Blood! (so to speak)! :-)"


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