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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Studying Black Religion group to meet soon

Scene from Men's Day Celebration at New Hope AME Church in Atlanta, Ga.
The Society for the Study of Black Religion held its 44th Annual Meeting at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center in Michigan, April 3-5, 2014, and we are trying to get information on this year's meeting.
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Dr. James Cone is an ordained AME minister.
The organization's mission is to engage in scholarly research and discussion about the religious experiences of Blacks. Interest in this topic began in earnest in the 1960s after the publication of James Hal Cone's "Black Theology and Black Power." Cone is the founder of Black Liberation Theology. Cone also inspired the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright, former pastor of President Barack Obama. 

According to Wikipedia, Black theologians emphasize the liberation of the marginalized, especially injustices committed against blacks on a global scale. Black theology mixes Christianity, civil rights, and Black Power movements.
The study of Black religion also accelerated with the writings of J. Deotis Roberts, Cecil Cone, Major J. Jones, and William R. Jones.
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