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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mohammed Ali's aversion to Cassius Clay and interracial relationships

Ali in poster, photo taken in New York
During Black History Month, we are examining issues from the past that blur our thinking today.  One item that is a sore spot is sexual relationships between the races.

Since we are all humans with free will, views about interracial dating and marriage are personal choices. One can't choose or legislate who someone else loves.

Heavyweight Champion Mohammed Ali described one reason he changed his name in a 1975 Playboy interview:

"If I was Cassius Clay today...I'd probably have a white wife and I wouldn't represent black people in no way...It's not only him, but...others who just don't get involved in struggle or race issues - it might jeopardize their position. I'd be that kind of man...

"Black men with white women just don't feel see 'em walking on the street and they're ashamed- they be duckin' and they be cold. They're not proud. Once you get a knowledge of yourself, you see how stupid that is."

Is this racism or just a choice?

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