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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Do White, conservative, U.S. politicians love America more than Obama?

White House photo of Barack Obama working for America
As the rhetoric heats up over whether President Obama loves America, I would argue whether White citizens love people of color, the majority of Americans living in poverty, more than our President does.

Only Obama knows in his heart who he loves, and he probably would be lauded as a supreme being if he loved all 954 million people living in America; but one should ponder what he has done to help the most deserving, the folks that need love the most, as opposed to how his actions have helped the rich.

Perhaps that is the true worth of loving America - upholding the financial health of a hemispheric space where 1% complain about trifles given to those they deem undeserving.

Instead of Obama presenting the American people with a bouquet of red roses (promises) which die in about four days, here are some real bits of love he has given his people.

When you "love" someone, you have a strong affection, warm attachment, and compassion for them. Love is unconditional devotion to another.  Love is strong, kind, and sometimes sacrificial. Love is blind - color blind, sexual orientation blind, age blind, and disability blind.  Someone who loves another doesn't just say, "I love you," but constantly puts love into action, helping to better people's opportunities for higher wages, better health and housing, equal pay, and ability to live anywhere in America one pleases, especially American immigrants.

"Love means never having to say you're sorry" to children who are mis-educated, poorly fed, and hopeless.

America is a place and a people.
America encompasses 16 million miles of diverse landscapes encompassing 35 countries, with Mexico City, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and New York City, New York being home to millions of Americans.

Instead of bashing Obama, his critics should focus on promoting guaranteed employment and living wages, economic mobility, and community solutions to end poverty.

What has Obama done for America lately?

Better yet, what are White conservatives doing? Who LOVES AMERICA most?

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