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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trayvon Martin is a martyr

Trayvon is a dead witness who was not allowed to defend himself in court.

Trayvon should not have tried to defend himself in order to stay alive on the sidewalk in Sanford, Florida.

Florida's prosecutors defended Trayvon's actions in the "legal" system, not the "justice" system.

Trayvon should have run home when he found himself being stalked by an armed man.

This is a question about race because Trayvon was black and Zimmerman is Hispanic.

This is not the first time a black youth has been killed for no reason but blamed for his own death.

The law handed down from God to Moses was "Do not kill." Zimmerman admitted he killed Trayvon, and the state let him go free. 

"Give us Barabbas" was the cry of the crowd, and the Roman government let a known killer go free and condemned Jesus to death.

Innocents have been killed throughout history because they are easy targets.

Message from Zimmerman's not guilty verdict: The State, run by police/vigilantes/lawyers/people with money, is in control in U.S. courts.

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