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Monday, July 22, 2013

Ron Francis continues to amaze visitors at eclectic art studio in Tampa, Fla.

Portrait of Ron Francis
Most artists can be defined as creative, but Tampa's Ron Francis (Hutchinson) is over the top!

My family recently visited his new 5,000 square foot-evolving studio equipped with Tarzan-like ladders, clawed-petrified cactus furniture, reno-vated cars and campers, and a mountain of paint cans.  Thinking outside the box is an understatement for Francis, 47, a Venetian plaster expert who also dabbles in photography, murals, and museum art.

"An idea for a piece can come from any number of places, a certain frame of mind, a color or a newspaper article," Francis says of his work. He is a Philadelphia native and 1986 graduate in Visual Communications and Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. 

Ron Francis works on museum piece while Kurk Johnson contemplates idea. (Photo by Tomi Johnson)

Newly installed artwork in client abode.
"Sometimes it’s as simple as the canvas speaking directly to work represents a transcendental, emotional language that people immediately understand, regardless of culture, race, religion and so forth," Francis says.

For more information on Francis, go to:

Francis with Ayron, Ilea, Daniel, Tomi and Kurk Johnson (Photo by Cozette Roche)

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  1. Wanda says: Tomi, the article is great. Loved the photos.


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