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Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Massacre focuses attention on changing dynamic of terrorism inside U.S.

Bombing took spotlight off 2013 Boston Marathon Winner Lelisa Desisa Benti of Ethiopia and placed it on a black person wearing black hoodie and carrying black backpack. (Photo by Gr5 - Creative Commons)
Of circumstances around the active crime scene in the area of today's 2013 Boston Marathon Massacre, Governor Deval Patrick said,  "Life will not be easy, simple, or regular."

The scene was described as horrific, disorienting, warlike.

It happened on Patriot's Day during one of the Nation's most prestigious sporting events - The Boston Marathon.

Whoever set off two bombs 12 seconds apart was out to kill, maim, and cripple victims who came in contact with deathly anger.  

We have to keep watch over what prejudices this disaster exposes as to who we look for as a perpetrator. Around 8:30 p.m., it was reported on major U.S. television networks that police were looking for a black man with a backpack. Wow - blame it on a black man again? At a press conference, the Boston police chief said there are no suspects yet.

Switching to other news sources, we are reminded that there are major explosions going off all over the world everyday. America is not immune to terrorism, and our enemies cannot be categorized by race, political persuasion, or access to weapons. And when people are mad, they will use ball bearings, knives, or assault weapons despite all methods to protect you.

"A big bomb going off, that doesn't happen everyday," said 78 year old Bill Iffrig who said the blast will not stop him from running again. What the result will be is a heightened sense of our freedom from harm being compromised.

Perhaps our troops are coming home because we need them on our shores as terrorism moves closer. No one is safe, though, when hateful people are on a mission to kill. 

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