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Friday, March 17, 2017

Entrepreneur spotlight: C. D. Moody, ATL construction company owner

C. D. Moody

Making history and climbing obstacles, 60+ year old C. David Moody, Jr. is a major construction company player in metro Atlanta. Formerly an abused child who now dedicates off hours to mentoring young boys, Moody, a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, is still maneuvering through rough terrains.

Moody in the middle during panel discussion on Black History
"This journey goes fast, so you need to take advantage of every opportunity," Moody said at a Black History Month forum held at Mercedes-Benz. "You'll be dealing with income, not race issues," he told the audience of young employees wanting to know how to maneuver up the corporate ladder.

Born in Chicago, Moody said, "You are capable or you wouldn't be've got to deliver. Don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Don't 'cover' to fit in." 

Moody said he stays young and unstressed by fishing and trekking through mountain passes.  Moody shared with the audience that he overcame trauma and sexual abuse and speaks about survival on his blog, Moody Speaks (

President and CEO of his company, Moody started his business in 1988. Some noteworthy company projects include Philips Arena, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Turner Baseball Field, Big Bethel Baptist Church, Morehouse Suites and Disney World in Orlando, Fl.

Moody is a 1978 graduate of Morehouse with a degree in Psychology, and he also has a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Howard University.

"Challenges mean you have to stay focused...Don't let imaginary fear stop you," he said.

Cyclorama being constructed at Atlanta History Center by C. D. Moody Construction

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