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Thursday, February 2, 2017

UC Berkeley: example of quiet before the storm

I am concerned that riots erupted last night on the UC Berkeley campus, the home of "free speech."

I just visited their beautiful university in late October. Here are some pictures taken on campus.
I was awed by soaring granite buildings, Asian students, microscope displays, a somewhat sunny disposition.
Free speech versus hate speech resulting in protests. It's amazing how incendiary speech can provoke violence.
 Is this a sign of future events in our nation? - 2/1/17

One of my acquaintances in Berkeley informed me that there were a lot of students protesting peacefully last night, while you have professional anarchist who turn things violent by raiding stores and vandalizing local businesses. He said these people do this all the time in Berkeley and did it during the Oscar Grant protest and Occupy Movement. 

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