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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Running red light can be first bad accident

Do not use without permission.
Slow down. Be careful.
According to the driver of this upturned car, this is his first major accident. What a bummer. One ambulance was seen speeding away with a victim, while the two drivers walked away. I saw what just happened around 1 p.m. as I was leaving the grocery store.

Do not use without permission.
The woman who walked away from the accident was wearing a small gold cross necklace, and she says she doesn't go anywhere without it!

The woman he hit said he ran the red light, and she's lucky to be alive.  It happened in Cobb County on Highway 92 at a busy QT intersection.

Do not use without permission.
The accident stopped traffic in all directions, and I circled around through a parking lot so I could share these pictures.

One policeman at the scene said it could have ended differently. To God be the glory! A friend of mine was not so lucky last Friday - he died in a motorcycle accident. Stay focused when you're driving, and count your blessings when you get home.

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